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1. Luminous and flawless finish skin with bold lips and nails, Think Sixties and old classic Hitchcock films is the daring strong look to go for this fall.

2. Try a different colour Eye shadow apply lightly to subtly match the colours of your outfit.

3. For a not so bold red lips look try applying a nude lip gloss first then lining with a red lip pencil, which can be built up for the desired effect.

4. Apply a makeup primer first it really does help the makeup stay in place  and stops colours running for a perfect finish.

5.  A thin Black line of eye liner along the upper lid is a new subtle look for late 2013/ early 2014, Try marking dots first then joining them up for a smooth line.

6. Bold Red nails are back and a growing trend this Autumn build up the boldness by applying 2 to 3 coats of polish.

7. Well groomed Brows are also a must this season, pluck them straight after a shower as the pores will be more open and make it less painful.

8. Staining the Lips is also a hot trend get the look by making the colour darker and bolder in the middle of the Lips and fading to the outer line with wine and burgundy colours in fashion.

9. Smokey oily Eye Shadow look is also big with it being applied to fully cover the top eye lids and even higher to almost the brow.

10. For The new/old 60s long thick lashes look try to double up on Mascara by doing a coat with one that adds length and then a coat with a thickening Mascara over the top.